The Proposal: Her Perspective The proposal…a beautiful time of joy and happiness. The beginning of something new. A new title to the relationship.  We just thought we were living on cloud nine while we were dating!  Sometimes, I’m a difficult one to surprise because I pay attention and notice almost everything. So, I’m sure Aaron […]

March 13, 2020

About Us | The Proposal | DFW Photographer

Her perspective The very next day, I headed to the gym around 9:00 p.m. to work out. I’d had a long day and needed to work off some steam. To my delight, Aaron was working!! I waved hello and then headed to my workout. On my way out, I stopped by his desk to say […]

Caucasian couple talking about their second date

January 17, 2020

About Us | Second Date | DFW Photographer

Her Perspective: Back to our story…For our first date, I showed up at Aaron’s house with my roommate to find him making spaghetti in the kitchen with his friend…who happened to be a girl. We soon found out that she was the only other person coming to dinner.  His Perspective: I asked a cute girl […]

January 3, 2020

About Us | First Date | DFW Photographer

Marla’s perspective: Three weeks after letting go of a relationship that would never happen, this handsome man flitted into my life. I had only lived in Texas for about five months before I spotted someone super hot at the gym. He happened to work there as the Assistant Sales Manager so I knew I would […]

About Us - Marla - Meeting him

December 20, 2019

About Us | How we Met- Her Perspective | DFW Photographer


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