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Marla’s perspective:

Three weeks after letting go of a relationship that would never happen, this handsome man flitted into my life. I had only lived in Texas for about five months before I spotted someone super hot at the gym. He happened to work there as the Assistant Sales Manager so I knew I would have multiple opportunities to check him out. I made it to the gym at least four times a week, so our chances of crossing each other’s paths was pretty high. 

Working out

Each time I showed up at the gym, I would look to see if he was working. It almost became a game in trying to figure out his schedule and which days I should work out. The more I observed this good looking being, the more I was confused. He worked at a gym and his physique was amazing, so I assumed that he cared a lot about his body and his health. But, he showed up many times to the gym with a bag of Wendy’s. What?! 

Well, I had to meet this guy, so the next time he helped check people in, I caught his name and memorized it so that the next time, I could act like we had met before! Tee hee. It worked like a charm. The next time he checked me in, I said, “Hi Aaron. How are you?” I could see him searching his brain for my name, but he smoothed it over with a friendly response…(see his explanation of this interaction). (link to previous post) 

A name is worth so much

Once he figured out my name, it seems like we became fast gym friends. There may have been a bit of flirting, too. It was fun exploring a new friendship, one that I was hoping would develop into something more. But, up to this point, we were just two people interacting and encouraging one another at the gym, giving each other high fives after a workout or training session. 

Magical high five

Until one special training session where I completed like three pull-ups or some other lame amount. My trainer was super excited and we told Aaron about it. He gave me a high five, but on the way out of the high five, our fingers interlaced and we both looked at each other with  confused yet interested expressions. Thoughts zoomed through my head. What just happened? Is he interested in me? How interlaces fingers with a high five? How does that even happen? With a shy grin, we moved on as if nothing happened.

Cupid’s arrow

From that moment on, it was like cupid’s arrow had hit us. Okay, maybe not that sappy. I just knew that if we were to be together, then he needed to ask me out. Even though we live in a progressive age where girls ask the guys out now, I’m still old fashioned and wanted him to ask me. Not too long after the high fiving, he nervously asked me over to his house for dinner with some friends of his. When I say he was nervous, it means he was talking a mile a minute and then said nonchalantly that he was having friends over and I should come. Oh, and I could bring anyone and something that goes with spaghetti. 

To be continued…

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