Back to the story...A month later after greeting each other by name at the gym, he asked this lovely girl over to his house for a dinner party with friends. She was unaware for years until he finally confessed that he then had to scramble to find friends who were available to come over. It was a night they will never forget with spaghetti, DDR (Dance, Dance, Revolution), and a lot of laughter. Eleven and a half years later, they celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary in the exact spot where they sweetly said, "I do!" 

What an adventure it has been. They have laughed and cried many times over, but the best part is that they've lived life together. Though they are two imperfect humans, they strive to live with God first, others second, and themselves last.

This is how we want to serve you!

Fun, inspiring, romantic

aaron and marla

Good food and good friends are just about the best thing there is in this world. Put those two together and it's heaven on earth.

There is nothing quite like getting lost in a good book. I must have chewed through a small library by now.

I am always eager to share a good movie, especially on opening night. Midnight showings full of fans are fantastic.

Watching comedy live is the best way to experience it. I don't make it to many shows, but when I do, they are always memorable.

Music feeds my soul. From Daft Punk's Discovery and Electro Swing to show tunes and top pop. If I can dance to it, I dig it.

aaron's style

Isn't he dashing?

A tea shop brings out the giddy girl inside of me!

Is there anything more carefree than riding a horse?

The ocean, it calls me.

I'm saved by grace and strive to love people as Jesus does.

I wish I could talk at the speed of Lorelei Gilmore.

The people of Zambia, Africa have captured my heart.

Playing board games with Aaron is the best, until I'm losing...

I love traveling the world.

As much as I love people, sometimes I want nothing more than to cuddle on the couch with Aaron and our cat and watch Netflix.

marla's heart

Isn't she lovely?

Jane the Virgin

How every outfit matches the decor and background

Mountain Biking

Feeling the wind in our hair and the excitement of the challenge

Board games

Takenoko, Fluxx, Lords of Waterdeep, Spendor, Pandemic...


From beaches to mountains to across the seas

favorite things


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