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The Proposal: His Perspective

I loved surprising Marla for the proposal. You should know something about my wife. Marla is a wonderful, funny, sarcastic, and contrary woman. She wants to do things her own way. So when I thought it was time to propose to her I knew, deep in my bones, that I must  not do something so expected as to pop the big question on Valentines Day, or any other romantic holiday for that matter. It needed to be a day with some significance, but not one that would be too popular for proposals. She needed a story that few others would be able to claim as their own special day. Then, it struck me. 2008 is a leap year! Perfect!

Now that the day was decided I needed to engineer a good story for her to tell everyone for the rest of our lives. Not an easy feat. It took some serious thinking but I was pretty sure I had landed on a winner. You see, we had been going to the bookstore to read together as our regular date night for a while. We were about 10 chapters deep in an action adventure novel called “Blink” by Ted Dekker. To save money we never actually bought the book. We just went, got a drink at the cafe, and borrowed a copy of our current book off of the shelf.

What chapter really?

On February 29th, 2008 we went on our standard book store date but this time I had a surprise planned for my MJ. My friend from college helped me turn the book into a ring box. He then secretly placed a copy of Blink on the shelf and kept an eye on it while waiting for us to arrive. Marla and I walked in and started our normal ritual of walking around the bookstore a little before going over and pulling the book off the shelf. I stayed by her side the entire time to make sure she didn’t expect anything. And she was eager to prove me wrong as to what chapter we were actually on. As we circled back towards Blink, I was delighted as things got a little heated. We were still arguing over where we ended last. I said it was 10 and she said it was 11. I pulled the book from the shelf and we sat down in the cafe, the whole time bickering over what chapter we were on.

The proposal

Friends, I knew good and well what chapter we were on as I checked before drilling a hole through it, a hole tall enough for a ring to stand upright in. Thus, when Marla, in a huff, flips the book open to prove her point she finds a sparkling diamond looking up at her, in a 350 page deep well, standing on a floor of white velvet. Her face was priceless.

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  1. Boston says:

    That was amazing …like really amazing it just feels like a romantic novel on its own !

  2. Boston says:

    That was amazing …I felt like I was a reading a romantic novel .


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