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Honestly, nothing can really prepare you for married life, except being married. It’s one of those things where you can read every book and ask for all the advice you can, but it still doesn’t quite prepare you for marriage. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do those things! By all means, seek counsel from mentors and friends. Premarital counseling is an amazing investment, revealing future stumbling blocks before they sneak up while smoothing out the road ahead of you. 

No matter how you prepare, sooner or later, the initial giddiness wears off and the things you thought were cute or funny become irritating! Lol! This simply means that you are two people learning to live with one another. Marriage is a wonderful thing, but it takes work to continue to love and cherish one another. Be intentional with one another. Continue to make each other laugh and find new ways to say “I love you.”  

One of our tools

One tool we use in our home to keep the love alive are photos. Sometimes, days or seasons come when it’s difficult to remember who you fell in love with. You get caught up in life and  your own longings that you forget to put your spouse ahead of yourself. The love seems to have drifted away. But, don’t give up. It’s still there, but you have to work for it to stay alive. 

Whenever we struggle with the feeling of lost love from one another, we  journey back through time by looking through old photo books or at the pictures around our house. They remind us of the reasons we fell in love and re-energize us to be intentional with one another.

The truth is, that as time marches on the both of you will grow and change. In fifteen years you will likely be very different people than you are today. By keeping the love you share visible and central in your life you help ensure that no matter who you become, you will continue to grow together instead of apart.

Remember, marriage is beautiful  and life-giving, but it takes being intentional and work to keep the love alive and active. 

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