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Hopeless. This word describes the feeling of countless children in Zambia Africa. We’ve seen first hand the difference education makes on these children, which is one reason why we’re choosing to give back to this nonprofit. You see, education comes with costs and most families cannot afford food, let alone the supplies and fees for schooling. As a result, many children lack education and a bright future. 

Over a decade ago, Family Legacy, stepped in and began providing education for these amazing children. They own and operate their own schools as well as work with local secondary public schools to give these children a better future. They employ hundreds of Zambian people to educate and instill hope.


We’re choosing Family Legacy as one of the nonprofits we support through our business because we know what a difference this organization is making on thousands of lives, many of whom we have met and built relationships with. 

Child sponsorship program

Family Legacy supports these children through their child sponsorship program. Aaron and I have supported many children and two of them have graduated from secondary school! That may not seem like an accomplishment because most American children finish high school, but in Zambia, a very small percentage make it this far. This is largely due to the fact that education isn’t highly valued and most families cannot afford it. Providing food and shelter for the family becomes the highest concern.  


You see, Zambia faces a crisis. With almost half of the population below the age of 15, many households are run by children. Children caring for each other while one or both parents spend the day away trying to make enough money to provide food for the family. (The median age is 16, compared to 38 in the United States). Many children have lost one or both of their parents or live with another relative. Their lives are very transient; however, you will find that the majority of caretakers are extremely grateful for what Family Legacy provides for their children.

For example, the mother to one of the children we sponsor could no longer afford to provide for her family in Lusaka after the death of her husband. So, she moved the children out to the country, but she waited until the end of the school term. All throughout the child’s schooling, the mother always encouraged the children to attend school and was as supportive as she could be. She is a strong woman and wants what’s best for her children. Knowing her children loved school, she found a way for them to move back to Lusaka so they can return to school! What a great testimony!


Family Legacy’s main office is located in Irving, Texas and as many of you may know, I worked for this nonprofit for almost six years. Being a part of such an operation has changed my perspective on life dramatically. The people of Zambia are truly amazing and I can’t even begin to explain the impact they have made on me. This nonprofit currently only works in the capital city of Zambia, Lusaka.

There are many other programs within Family Legacy. Check out their website for more information!

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