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Aaron’s perspective:

“She was stalking me!!” That’s how Aaron describes how we met. I mean, I guess it depends on which definition you use. The Oxford Dictionary defines it as to “pursue or approach stealthily.” It goes on to give examples of predators stalking their prey. So, I’m not sure I would go quite as far as that! But, it makes for fun banter. Okay, I’ll stop interjecting and let him tell his side of the story. 

My side of the story, by Aaron:

I was minding my own business, trying to figure out this adulting thing when a cute chipper blonde girl called me by name as if we were long-time friends (a clever ruse). That particular day, I was behind the counter at 24-Hour Fitness greeting gym members as they came in. A bit confused, I figured I must have made an impression on this one in the past and had forgotten about it. I racked my brain for her name and came up with bupkis, no records found, invalid query.

So I decided to work the counter for the next few days in hopes to catch her name on the screen as she checked in. My masterful plan worked! A few days later I caught the name of my soon-to-be favorite person, Marla! The next little bit is a blur of her hanging out at my desk and me trying to impress her. I remember finding reasons to walk around and find her working out. There were several times when I walked prospective clients through the gym and took them out of the way just so I could flirt with her!

Just ask her out!

Several weeks later, during a conversation with Marla at my desk, I made up my mind to ask her out. Once that decision had been made I rushed to figure out what we would do. I wanted to do something fun and not too intimidating or formal. So the four star reservation would have to wait. I remember thinking it would be great to have her over for dinner and so I started to ask her out.

And so I did, but oh no! I saw it all over her face that it was a bit too soon to invite her over to my place for dinner. In that instance, I panicked a little inside and settled on turning it into a party. I told her to bring a friend over as I already had a few people coming over. At the time, I had no idea who I should invite other than her, but I put that bit on hold.

Bring something that goes with spaghetti

Someone once told me that you should include your guests in your meal prep. Great thought!! So, I asked her to bring something that goes with spaghetti. Her expression made it clear, she had no idea what I meant. “Come on brain! Think clearly!” I should have suggested something like a side dish of vegetables, or French bread. Instead, I started babbling about something to add to the pot like bell peppers or beef. She looked lost again so I assured her whatever she brought would be a-ok. Is she actually going to come after all of that?!

Finally, she accepted my request and I then scrambled to call everyone I knew in attempts at making this party thing work. Everyone was busy, except for my friend Adaeze. She was always there for me and this time was no different. Now that at least one other person was showing up, I could take a breath…(to be continued).

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