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Frame your art

Do you need one of your amazing pictures framed but you’re not sure where to go? Or maybe you need some art supplies or just want to learn about fountain pens. Then you should support this amazing local business! Go and visit with Sibyl and Monique at Indigo Art & Framing in Flower Mound. They love to have fun while serving people in the community.

A little history

Sibyl spent much of her life in a corporate job in the accounting department crunching numbers. However, her creative side kept nudging her to express her talents. In her free time, she enjoyed drawing, painting, crafting, and sewing. Creating things proved a wonderful outlet from the numbers. 

Though accounting served her family well, her creative side wanted to be expressed. Eventually the practical side of her brain could no longer justify why she was still showing up to work in corporate America instead of indulging her creative desire. Because she couldn’t find a reason to continue being an accountant, she decided to take an early retirement. 

Sibyl met Monique at Aaron Brothers in Flower Mound. Monique was the head framer there at the time. When Aaron Brothers closed their doors, these two wonderful ladies decided to team up and open their own framing business and art store. Sibyl found a great location in Parker square. It’s a destination spot in Flower Mound where the farmers market sets up each week and people come to meet friends and family. 

Serving the community

It is remarkable how diverse an audience you can find in Indigo Art and Framing. It turns out that everyone from artists to executives have something that needs framing. Sibyl and Monique have had the opportunity to meet amazing people and deliver high quality products to their customers. They have truly enjoyed heading into work each day where they can use their creativity to serve and delight each person who walks through the door. Surrounded by a lively community of creatives Sybil is finally doing what she loves, serving creators and helping them to reach their creative potential.


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