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World Vegan Day

Today is the start of World Vegan Month and is officially World Vegan Day!

Did you know we, your favorite husband and wife Flower Mound photographer duo, are vegan?! I know right? If you told me five years ago that I would be vegan I would have laughed you out of town. 

New Blog Series

Welcome to another fun blog series. We want you, our followers and clients, to know us a little better. You can read a tiny bit about us here, but we want to give you a bit more! Once or twice a month, we’ll post a little something about ourselves. If you connect with us, leave some love in the comments! We love hearing from you.

Plant-based Diet

With that, here’s a bit about us. For a little over a year we have been eating a whole-food plant-based diet and absolutely love how much better our bodies and brains run. With time, research, and a heavy pantry makeover, our food transformed into healthy, delicious, and eco-friendly meals. It’s crazy how little we miss the meat, dairy, sugar, and junk food that we once craved. (Don’t worry everyone, we eat plenty of protein).

Going plant-based was a personal decision we made driven by our physical and mental health and concern for the environment. We desired to reduce our footprint, contribute to a more sustainable food supply chain, and steward the earth we live on. So, we decided to become veggiesaurs, rid our diet of animal products, and eat whole plant foods. 

As we thought about and researched what we put into our bodies, we realized that we could easily do without meat, dairy, oil, sugar, and salt. In fact, we could thrive without it and we are. So we changed to a whole-food plant-based diet and our bodies feel and run much better.  


If you’ve talked to Aaron recently, he’s probably guided you to the Nutrition Facts website. Dr. Greger is one of our favorite plant-based researchers. We like following his research because he digs deep and he cares about people and their health. Check it out if you’re interested in changing up your diet!


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