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Your values

Remember who you are as a couple. Hundreds of decisions face you once you say YES to the ring. Amidst all the joy and excitement, preparing for a wedding can often become overwhelming. As you plan and make decisions, one thing we found helpful to overcome this feeling is to remain calm and return to your values. We recommend making this project one of your first. Talk with your fiancé and write down your core values regarding your wedding. 

Questions to consider

What size of wedding do you want? Do you want it Indoors or outdoors? Short or long? How big of a budget? How do you want your guests to feel? Do you want your wedding to stand out and be different from everyone elses or do you want something traditional and classic? Answering these questions will guide you and make the decision-making process much easier during the overwhelming times.

Our values

We knew we wanted our wedding outdoors so all indoor locations were filtered out. The beauty and peace found in nature appealed to our hearts so we began our search. Once we came upon the Japanese Botanical Gardens in Ft. Worth, we knew it was the location. The Asian culture had played a part in both of our lives so we embraced it. We valued simplicity and embraced the beauty of the gardens by only adding orchid centerpieces. The venue would allow for the number of guests we expected to attend. Because we were looking for a venue that expressed our core values it was easy to decide where we would have the ceremony. Everything else fell into place because we defined our values.

It’s your day!!

Go back to your list often and remind yourselves of the core ideas and values of your wedding. Remember that this is your wedding and the opinions of others can be helpful, but in the end, it’s your day and you get to make the decisions. Be kind to your friends and family, even share your values with them so they can understand why you make certain decisions. Lean on your fiancé throughout the whole process, especially if the stress starts creeping in. This is the beginning of your lifelong commitment to one another. 

Your wedding day is a monumental moment! It is the symbolic first day of the rest of your lives together and you deserve to have something to remind you and your descendants of this day for the rest of time. You need a photographer who reflects your values and will capture your wedding in the way you want to remember it. That is where we come in. Althaus Photography has a unique style and we work hard to capture the warm loving feeling you generate on your special day. Family, friends, fun, love, celebration, and joy is what we want to capture for you.

White Bouquet - Values

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