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Dating: His Perspective

Our year of dating proved to be a magical time in life. New love acts as a drug like no other. It sustains and energizes in the absence of sleep and food. It tints the entire world a brighter, more vivid shade. This love puts a bounce in your step, a twinkle in your eye, and a ready smile to your lips. There is nothing on earth quite like this feeling.

Who needs sleep?

When we were newly in love, I lived in Plano and traveled a bit over thirty minutes to see my lady love. We were so inseparable when we were dating that I would often say good night on her front porch just to drive a few blocks to work where I would sleep a few hours in my truck, wake up, and go to work. No need for sleep when you’ve got new love running through your veins!

I spent most of that chapter of life floating along wherever the wind blew me. The only thing I really cared about was spending time with this wonderful lady and getting to know her better. Life outside of that didn’t really have a lot of appeal. I was focused on it like a laser beam. Every single thing about her was new and wonderful. Her eyes and her laugh enchanted me. Her smile lit up my mind like fireworks. The times apart, we texted or called each other. We often drifted off to sleep while mumbling incoherently to each other over the phone.

The ring

When we met, I had little concept of money’s value. I had nothing saved, had maxed out at least one credit card, and was living paycheck to paycheck. The first time I really considered buying a ring for Marla, it looked like a king’s ransom! How could anyone pull that much money together?! At that very same moment, marrying this girl went from a nebulous and interesting idea into something very real that demanded my attention.

I felt woefully unprepared for this undertaking. I had avoided those thoughts for months and BOOM! They all caught up to me over the course of one visit to the jewelry store. It took some patience and a lot of love on Marla’s part, but she talked me down from that anxiety attack. Let’s just say that the next time I took her into a jewelry store, everything went much better and we left laughing instead of panicking! We look back and laugh at those moments, but I’m sure there are other guys out there who felt similarly when their singleness comes to a sudden halt in their minds!! But, it was one of the best decisions of my life and I’m so grateful for those memories!

Man and woman standing embraced in each other's arms and he's looking at the camera as they think about their dating year.

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