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Dating: Her Perspective

You know the feeling…the one where you’re floating in the clouds and not eating or sleeping much. The sky is bluer and the animals join in with the birds as they sing. Everything is right in the world as you dance your way through the day. Okay, so maybe it’s not quite that Disney, but you get the point. Dating is so much fun Our new love created stars in our eyes and butterflies in our stomachs whenever we were in each other’s presence. It was beautiful!

We dated for a year and during that time the words spoken between us most likely added up to over six million! I know, right! We talked non-stop learning all the ins and outs about each other as well as so many random other conversations. What’s crazy is that for at least the first few months, I could remember every conversation we had (probably because I would dwell on them for hours afterwards!). To say that we delighted in spending time together definitely is an understatement. Even to this day, we would rather spend time with one another than apart! God truly knew what He was doing when he brought the two of us together. 

No sleep needed!

Before (and after) dating, I needed so much sleep in order to function well during the day. I was very surprised when I could go to sleep to the sound of Aaron reading me Alice in Wonderland over the phone around two or three in the morning only to wake up at five and go teach all day! And I didn’t feel tired or run down! How in the world is that even possible?! Yes, many nights, Aaron would call me and after we finished chatting, he would read Alice in Wonderland to me until I fell asleep. Often, I would wake up and find my phone open next to my pillow (back when I had a flip phone…maybe I just dated us there! Haha!).  Everything was perfect and we were so very much in love with each other. 

Rings, rings, rings!

Nine months into dating, Aaron took me on a date to a movie at the Vista Ridge Mall (now Radio City Mall). Afterwards, we walked around the mall and did some window shopping. As we were passing Helzberg diamonds, Aaron pulled me in and said we should just look. The butterflies in my stomach did jumping jacks as they flipped and my eyes danced! WHAT!!!! Me? Really? Okay, let’s look! So, we looked and found a beautiful ring that I loved! It was everything I could have dreamed in a ring: simple, round-cut diamond, and dazzling!! 

And then BOOM! Aaron almost passed out! The blood drained from his face. His demeanor completely changed and all the butterflies immediately dropped. I took him outside and we sat on some stairs for a few hours as I talked him down and told him that everything was going to be okay. We’re not getting married today and that we were only shopping around. This was new to both of us and no decisions had to be made that day. Boy, what a mood killer! Lol! Looking back, we giggle about this day. Poor Aaron!

Let’s try it again!

A couple months later, we looked at the ring again at a different location and he was totally cool and geeked out about the different aspects of the ring. Whew!! Progress! That was in San Marcos when we were down that way for Christmas celebrations with Aaron’s family. We even told them we had looked at rings and everyone seemed so excited for us!!

As the shock of the idea of getting married had worn off, Aaron decided to take me to Robbins Brothers to check out their ring selection and guess what! We found the ring I loved there, too. But, their version of it was so much better! (Ladies even to this day, I love my ring more than any other. We even look at rings once or twice a year and my thoughts remain the same). Aaron was very pleased with it and before I knew it, we were looking at diamonds to set in it and talking about clarity and price! Lots of giddy feelings swirling around my whole life at this point!! People talk about cloud nine, but let me tell you, my life at that time existed on cloud one million! It was delightful and it’s so fun to reminisce on those times!

Stay tuned for Aaron’s perspective coming soon!

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