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Since you were a little girl, you probably thought about your wedding day and what it would look like. Selecting the perfect venue for your wedding is an exciting adventure! Today, there are so many places to choose from. Here are some things to consider as you’re dreaming up your special day.

Ask yourself some questions

The first question could be, do you want to get married indoors or outside? This will narrow down your search. Some other questions to consider are: Do you love spending time out in nature? Are you city dwellers that love the theater and the arts? Beach or mountain? What sets you apart as a couple? Take some time over a nice glass of your favorite beverage to talk it over. Focus on what you to love, things that bring you together, and what you want to share with your friends and family.


The next question could be to decide if you want your wedding in the city you live in or elsewhere. When considering this, think about how far your friends and family are willing to go and if you’re okay with some of them not going if it’s too far. If your perfect venue is on the side of a mountain in Italy then you probably won’t have very many guests from Texas RSVP!! Once you’ve decided on a general location, move on to thinking about who you want to invite.

Friends and Family

You could start making a list, or think generally on how many people you want. Note that it will be important to know approximately how many people you are inviting before visiting venues. Most have a ceiling limit on how many people can fit. You don’t need to know exactly everyone you plan to invite prior to selecting a venue, but a general idea will be helpful.

Other Considerations

When you look at your wedding album in ten, twenty, or thirty years from now, what do you want to remember? What story do you want your pictures to tell? The venue tells a big part of it without taking away from the people. Is your style light or dark? Does it have a bright or pastel colors?

Be sure to check out a couple of venues if you’re just not sure. The coordinators at venues are amazing and are excited to show you their beautiful locations.

Our Venue

It’s been a while since we were planning our wedding, but we knew almost immediately that we wanted to get married in the shade of the Japanese Botanical Garden in Fort Worth. We love local parks, spending time outdoors, Asian cultures and arts, and the peace and serenity of walking through a beautiful garden. It was the perfect location for us.

Your Photographer

Your venue can greatly impact how your pictures turn out. If your venue is inside without large windows then your ceremony pictures will look completely different than if you were married outside under the shade of trees. Also, if it is indoors without much light, there will have to be added light and flashes. Talk to your photographer and let them know about the venue you selected so the they can prepare for your wedding day!

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