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His perspective

My goodness! I was so clueless back then. I honestly don’t think I had any idea about what to do next, nor do I think I actually considered how to ask her on a second date that day. My heart was just pleased as punch that such a wonderful girl so thoroughly enjoyed my company. I was positively beaming. Preparing the next steps didn’t occur to me at that point. I was just having a fantastic day, possibly the most fantastic day. At some point in the day, it crossed my mind that I hadn’t seen Marla yet, but I couldn’t wait until she came back to the gym.

I was eager to see her again and still resting in the glow of a great first date when she strolled into the gym. My heart stopped and my voice stuck in my throat as she walked over to me. I’d already given up hope of seeing her that day and I was delighted to be wrong.

She’s walking over!

As she walked over to me, all I could think about was, “how can I get her to go on another date with me?” The last one proved to be a wild success and I couldn’t wait to repeat it. It really was a stroke of genius to have some other people there to help break the ice and make Marla feel more comfortable. For just a moment it crossed my mind to invite Adaeze over again, but I quickly nixed that idea. I wanted Marla all to myself!

After her workout, we talked for what seemed like hours. I remember the motion sensor lights over the sales office turning off multiple times and us waving our arms and legs around to get them to flicker back to life. It was one of those surreal moments that seemed to happen outside the constraints of linear time. I wanted to keep floating in that moment for the rest of my life. The fact that an amazing young woman was talking to me blew my mind and I couldn’t get over how great it felt to have her sit across from me and chat.

Here goes nothing…

The gym was closing down around us and I asked her to make our second date official and join me on a date across the parking lot at IHOP. She said yes and I could’ve done cartwheels all the way there and back! 

I barely remember anything we talked about. I was so smitten with the girl next to me. We talked about the future and the past and what we wanted out of life. All I know for sure is that we were at IHOP through at least two shift changes. At some point the sun started creeping up into the sky. We had talked all night long! I knew I wanted to keep her in my life as long as I could so I asked her to be my girlfriend and repeat this date thing as often as possible.

Couple embraced. He is smiling at the camera and she is kissing his cheek talking about their second date.

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