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How do you find and select the right photographer for you? There are hundreds of professional photographers and thousands of amateurs in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. To help you out, we’ve put together four key factors to consider when searching for the right photographer; style, skill, budget, and personality.


Every established photographer has their own style. Some are light and airy, others dark and moody, some artistic, and others editorial, to name a few. Do note that most photographers do have a combination of styles (i.e. light and airy with editorial). The best way to determine a photographer’s style is to look at their work. Scroll through their Instagram and portfolios and see if their style connects with your heart. 


The second factor is skill. Typically, the more skilled the photographer the more consistent their images will be. It takes a great deal of time and practice to create the same feel across many different situations and settings. 


Another important factor to consider is your budget. Great images tell your story and are something you will look back on for the rest of your life. Decide how much that is worth to you and limit your search accordingly. A little tidbit: when asking around for photographers, try to avoid asking for an “affordable” photographer. The term is subjective. What’s affordable for one person won’t be the same for someone else. Many great photographers won’t even respond if it’s a general request. Instead, put your budget out there. This will make your search so much easier because you will have people responding who are within your budget and it’s less work for everyone involved. When considering your budget, remember that the one thing from your wedding that remains for generations are your portraits.


The last factor to consider is personality. The only way you’re going to really get a feel for your photographer’s personality is meeting with them in person. We like to meet with every couple who sends us an inquiry to show them what a wedding with us looks like as well as for us to informally interview one another to check for fit. We love this part because we can get the awkward first meeting in the books before the engagement session and everyone feels more like friends. The engagement sessions are much more fun that way! You want to be sure you get along with your photographer because they will be a huge part of your wedding day!

Who do you connect with?

In the wedding world, you will find so many different ideas about how to select your photographer that it can be overwhelming. Many articles will leave you overwhelmed and possibly confused. But, the decision doesn’t have to be that complicated. Just think through these four factors. Meet with a few photographers (or just one if you’re super excited about them) and see who you like best and connect with!

Male Photographer taking a picture right in front of blue water. Selecting your Photographer.

Your wedding day is a very special day and we would be delighted to capture it for you. To inquire or to book a photography session with us, fill out our contact form! We look forward to meeting you!


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