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Have you ever been hospitalized? If so, then you know it can be a scary experience. Hospitals aren’t known for their warm and inviting presence, but more of a cold and sterile one. Each year millions of children are hospitalized in the US alone. That’s a staggering number of children in cold sterile institutions in situations ranging from uncomfortable to terrifying. Here’s a little bit about one of the three charities we donate to mentioned in a previous blog.


We chose Child’s play to be one of the nonprofits Althaus Photography supports because we’ve always had a heart for the young ones who spend time in the hospital. There just isn’t much to do in a hospital besides lay in bed and watch TV, so check out what Child’s Play is doing for these precious ones.

Fear, anxiety, pain

Child’s Play knows and understands the fear, anxiety, and pain that children go through when they are in the hospital. Their goal is to use play to improve the lives of these children. They provide distraction, socialization, and stimulation from the pain and anxiety, loneliness, and boredom through video and board games. Each participating hospital has a library of games that kids can check out.

Healing Through Escape

I have been a huge fan of video and board games for most of my life. Many of my best memories involve me and friends crowding around a table or a screen. From Super Smash Brothers and Final Fantasy to Pandemic and Dungeons & Dragons, I can’t easily put into words how much joy gaming has brought me. They fostered friendships and some of them taught me how to engage the world around me. Years ago a couple of lovable nerds, who authored a comic I followed, started a nonprofit to help kids in hospitals and it really resonated with me. I can only imagine how much of an impact a Nintendo DS or Settlers of Catan could have on a little kid who’s stuck in bed for days on end fighting off some terrifying illness.


Games are a great way to connect with the outside world and to distract from the current pains and anxiety associated with stays at the hospital. Especially if a child frequents the hospital often, lying in a bed all day gets boring very quickly and often thoughts turn toward the negative. A game is the perfect tool to get their minds off of their worries. Child’s Play is reaching over a million children each year! 


This blurb from guidestar.org was written so well, we decided to just include it as it was written for you. “Child’s Play seeks to improve the lives of children through the kindness of the game industry and community, and with power of play. We support pediatric healthcare facilities, domestic violence shelters, and other child welfare programs by providing age-appropriate entertainment and distraction from the traumas and challenges these children face. We also seek to inform healthcare providers and educators about the positive impact appropriate gameplay can have on children.”

Want to turn those frowns upside down? Then, be a part of what Child’s Play is doing for so many children.

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