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Center of the Mark

To love God, love people…that’s the center of the mark”* This song has been a mantra, an inspiration, and a reminder to me over the years. As we sit and contemplate our reasons for starting Althaus Photography, we are driven back to these lyrics. God gifted us both with complimentary talents that work well for our business. We want to utilize these gifts to the best of our abilities while we still can so that Althaus Photography reflects loving God and loving people.

As we toyed with the idea of running our own business, we thought, what better way to love and serve people than to give them pictures that will last their lifetime! Our desire is to give you an heirloom that your grandchildren will see and wonder about the life you lived today. We definitely love looking at pictures of our grandparents when they were younger. It reminds us that time is fleeting and if someone doesn’t capture the joy of today, then it will soon be forgotten along with last year’s iPhone model. Through it all, we want to be an encouragement and a support to you so you look and feel your best! We are here to serve you!

Serve Others

Something that we have held onto since our first years of marriage is that we want to serve people together. The key word is together. Sure, we’ve done our own things on and off, but we’re happiest and feel most fulfilled when we serve alongside one another. The idea of one day both of us working full time in our business is a day of celebration and freedom and we can’t wait to be there! 

The heart behind our business is to love and serve you, our clients. We are here to capture the relationships and stories of this moment in your life. As Althaus Photography, we provide you with heirloom memories that will be cherished for generations. We desire to provide a way for you and your loved ones to look back and remember the joys this season of life have gifted you. 

Caucasian man and woman smiling at the camera.

We are excited to get to know you and how we can best serve you. Reach out to us through our contact page and lets get together!

To get to know a little bit more about us, check out our other blog post or more on our website.

*(4Him The Center of the Mark)


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