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(Part 1 of 3) Pear and Apple Body Shapes

Finding just the right outfit

Do you ever struggle with finding the right clothes that flatter the best parts of you? If so, we’ve done a little research to help guide you down the path to finding that perfect outfit. With our society weighing so heavily on being the perfect size and shape, it’s difficult to accept yourself as you are and believe that you truly are beautiful regardless of the shape of your body. We want you to remember this as you’re reading through this series. You are beautiful. Period.

For starters, do you know what body shape you have? People have categorized various shapes to help people create a wardrobe that flatters our best features. We are going to discuss four of these. There are others and we have created some Pinterest boards for you to look through if you want ideas for these body shapes or the ones we don’t cover in this series. 

If you’re not sure what shape you are, this blog post will help you make that determination. Keep in mind as you shop for clothes that the eye likes symmetry. So, look for items that balance out your shape. 

Also, we don’t claim to be experts on this, but want to give you a starting point as you choose the best outfit for your photo shoot. We already know you look amazing, but we’re our own worst critics, right? The two body shapes we’ll go over first are the pear and apple body shapes.

Pear Shape

The pear body shape typically has a smaller bust, defined waist and full hips and thighs. You want to draw the attention upwards so wear light and bright, patterned tops, on or off the shoulder and tank tops. Wearing chunky necklaces and earrings will also draw the attention upwards. On bottom, find things that slim your hips and thighs like darker colors and boot cut pants. Avoid light colors on the bottom as it will draw the eyes to the heaviest area of your body. Show off your beautiful self! Check out our Pinterest board for more ideas.

Apple Shape

The apple body shape typically has a waistline that is the same size or wider than the hips and shoulders. Your main goal is to find clothing that will define your waist and show off your shoulders and legs: belts, wrap dresses, deeper necklines, longer flowy skirts, and wide leg bottoms. Wear darker colored tops, but add interest on the neckline with jewelry or a pattern. A long necklace will give the appearance of length. You can also rock a blazer and cardigans give definition to your waistline. Our Pinterest board for the apple shape has many more ideas to help you find that perfect outfit!

So, whether you are a pear or an apple shape, these tips will guide you into finding the perfect pieces to accentuate your perfect body. We can’t wait to see the outfit you picked out for your shoot! Like we said before, we already know that you look amazing. We’ll take a look at the hourglass, rectangle, and inverted triangle shapes in the next post.

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