Alex & Max | Equine Portrait Session

A soft, warm nose, blowing gently into her sweet face. The unmistakable fragrance of her horse. His breath gently moves her hair as she looks up to his big brown eyes. Her hands tenderly hold his cheeks as she plants a kiss on his muzzle. Whispering affections over him, he flickers his ears back and forth. On a warm spring afternoon, this beautiful story of a girl and her horse pulled us in.

When Alex was a little girl, she dreamt of owning a horse she could call her own. A horse who was big but not too big, fast but not too fast, and it had to be a bay. Around eleven years old, she started riding lessons. She rode a slightly ornery, but perfectly sized bay gelding, named Millennium Prince (or Max for short).

Max used to race so he definitely knew how to run fast. He didn’t bring home the trophies which made him perfect for Alex since he wasn’t too fast! The similarities between them amazed her, but also added tension to their relationship. However, they continued to struggle along until one day something just clicked. They realized that they were made for each other. Since that moment, they have been inseparable, spending most of their lives together, hearts intertwined, a girl and her heart horse.

Max just celebrated his 22nd birthday a few days ago (Happy Birthday!). Being in his later years, Alex and Max love spending their time together just hanging out at GoldStar Stables. It’s hard to explain the freedom and joy of being around a horse until you have known it for yourself. Nothing compares to feeling the warm, powerful muscles under your hands and learning to understand the gentleness of these powerful animals. Horses bestow a sense of peace, a deep connection, and a love unlike any other.

We loved capturing Alex and Max interacting. Her heart is solid gold and her love for this mighty steed runs deep. Max brings her laughter, joy, and a bond like no other. As these two gentle souls mingled, the world softened around us. Thank you for sharing your lives with us!


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